Our strategy is to identify the most challenging medical needs and match them with the best solution for good health. We accomplish this by way of medicines for patients worldwide with a focus on quality and global regulatory requirements.

 Brinton Research Foundation (BRF)

The Brinton Research Foundation (BRF) is one of the most innovative, productive and technologically advanced scientific research foundations in the world. We possess state-of-the-art equipment and a highly experienced team of scientists and pharmacists. We work relentlessly for the best scientific collaborations and partnerships to bring together the latest capabilities for contemporary medical solutions.

To further strengthen our innovation lead through continuous research and development, we have collaborated with one of the leading laboratories of USA with excellent expertise to their credits including revolutionary novel drug delivery systems.

Our goal is to be a leading global healthcare provider by offering products that are safe and cost-effective. Thus, we aim to provide premium medical benefits that are affordable and of the highest quality.

BRF is dedicated to create innovative solution that can help various types of conditions and ailments. We utilize the highest quality material to manufacture our products. We also try different research methods and experiments to design and manufacture new products.

We have strategically created head offices in specific cities in various countries. These offices help us deliver our medical products to various parts of the world in excellent shape and quality. Quality, safe usage, and affordability are the three aspects that describe BRF’s medical products.

 Research & Development for Patient Centered Care

A clear philosophy that drives Brinton is to overcome the barriers that stand between people and better healthcare.

We serve customer’s demands worldwide constantly by working as a team round the clock.

We see possibilities in impossible things and strive to bring them to life. We aim to raise awareness regarding health and enhance access to quality health care. We educate patients about the latest offerings and how to use them.

As a global player, we take our corporate responsibilities seriously, and continually strive to do the right thing for our customers and their patients and to the community from research & development, to manufacturing and distribution, unparalleled quality and safety standards are the keys to our success.