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CSR And Community Impact

There is nothing more satisfying than ‘giving back’ to society. Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, we strive to create meaningful and lasting change for the betterment of society.

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Health and Hygiene

Qualitative health care is the most basic need of the underprivileged. Brinton networks with Healthcare Administrators within the communities providing preventive health services.

Reconstructive surgeries are done free of cost for handicapped and downtrodden society.

Vitiligo Support Program

Vitiligo counselling support program and run for Vitiligo marathon is the manifestation of Brinton’s care for the Vitiligo community.

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Educational Opportunities

Recognising that education is a fundamental human right and a binding force for upbringing in living, Brinton provides essential life-changing educational opportunities to the socially under-served community. By encouraging child education and development, Brinton contributes to the economic growth of the nation.

So far 1,050 students from 20 rural schools benefited from Brinton's education drive

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