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Core Values

Our values are the foundation at everything we do at Brinton. These values give us a purpose to work towards and help them to achieve goals in a manner that not only benefits employees but also the organization. It acts as a binding factor for all employees and helps organizations set standards for everyone associated with us. 

They are an essential and guiding force to help our company grow and strengthen organizational culture. Aligning to the Vision and Mission, each value has been carefully chosen and defined to represent how we work in the organisation.  Following are our values


Trust And Integrity

Maintaining high ethical standards in the workplace, to create trust and credibility. 

Passion For Success

Driven by passion in the relentless pursuit of excellence.


Nurturing and building leaders to take ahead the baton of business legacy in the field of healthcare.

Collaboration And Team Work

Nurturing teamwork and long-lasting partnership to create good values, group cohesiveness for all the stakeholders.

Respect For Each Other

An environment of mutual trust and confidence between the employee and the organisation to create inclusive and right environment every time where employee unleash their full potential.

Trust and Integrity
Respect for each other
Collaboration and team work
Passion for Success

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be a worldclass company offering high quality, innovative & affordable solutions catering to unmet healthcare needs.

Our Mission

Touching lives globally through continuous Research, Novel Ideas and Advanced Technologies

Our Commitment

To our patients and customers, employees, global communities, shareholders, environment and other stakeholders, we promise to act on our belief that the priceless ingredient of every product is the integrity of its maker. We operate with effective governance and high standards of ethical behavior. 

We seek transparency and dialogue with our stakeholders to improve our understanding of their needs. We take our commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability seriously, and extend this expectation to our partners and suppliers. As a responsible corporate citizen, we seek to actively improve the health of the communities where we live, work and serve. 

Around the globe, we promote health equity and seek to promote the health outcomes of populations disproportionately affected by serious disease. We believe our diverse and inclusive culture supports better outcomes for all patients and we seek diversity in all aspects of our business.

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To our patients & customers

We commit to scientific excellence and investment in biopharmaceutical research and development to provide innovative, high-quality medicines that address the unmet medical needs of patients with serious diseases. We apply scientific rigor to produce clinical and economic benefit through medicines that improve patients’ lives.

We strive to make information about our commercialized medicines widely and readily available. We actively seek to improve access to care, advocate for policies that promote health equity, and help underserved patients access and afford the medicines they need. 

To our employees

We embrace a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. The health, safety, professional development, work-life balance and equitable, respectful treatment of our employees are among our highest priorities. We commit to ensuring our colleagues have opportunities for development and advancement. We commit to hiring and developing a workforce that reflects the changing diversity of our communities and our patients.

To Environment

We encourage the preservation of natural resources and strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and products.

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