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Life at Brinton

Thriving Together- Our Inclusive Work Culture

Working with us is not just an enriching & exciting experience, but our work culture offers a friendly and lively working atmosphere.

We trust our team and this helps to nurture accountability and pride in them. 

This ensures a feeling of equality and everyone feels that he/she is a part of one big family; the BRINTONIAN family

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We are a people-centric organisation  and care for our people's betterment in every possible way.

Be it employee-friendly culture or employee-centric work practices, we do all that is necessary to keep up the people’s morale and sense of belongingness to the company.

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Women’s Day Celebration at Brinton

As an equal employer, Brinton appreciates and respects the contribution of Women in its journey till now. Our Brinton Superwomen have made huge contributions in each function, along with equally balancing their family life. 

Employees celebrated Women’s Day with gratefulness for the contributions made by women and by giving a small token of gift.

We enact, engage, encourage and enrich the cause of well-being with fundamental drivers of Stability, Security, and Prosperity of the entire workforce through our remuneration is best in the industry.

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Knowledge Evolution-Nurturing Through Training & Development

Brinton invests heavily in people development, pioneering best practices in training and nurturing career paths alongside individual FORTE for building organisation and self-growth. 

The result is that people get firmly entrenched into the familial culture of Brinton, upholding strong organisational values and building corporate bonds.

Brinton Training and development is one of the industry admired training centre that contributes significantly to the organisational productivity by building employee capabilities. 

Department has many key initiatives to its credit that brings about a revolutionary change in the training practices and overall personal development methodologies.

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Meet Our People

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