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Your Health

Brinton contributes to consumer and patient health through the development and distribution of innovative medications and medical treatments. We focus on research and development to discover new drugs, address medical needs, and improving patient outcomes.

By adhering to strict safety and efficacy standards, we provide access to high-quality medications, empowering patients to manage their health effectively and improve their well-being. Additionally, we engage in public health initiatives, educational programs, and disease awareness campaigns, promoting preventive measures and advancing medical care for the benefit of society.

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Patient Care

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Think Patient

Every pack of our product has a QR code. On scanning the same, all the necessary information about the product will be accessible to the patient.

This will not just aid compliance with the treatment but also make the patient more aware about the therapy.

Vitiligo Care

Brinton celebrates World Vitiligo Day on 25th June of every year. We have started a campaign ‘Victory Over Vitiligo‘ (VOV) for helping the Vitiligo patients to win over their Vitiligo problem.

We have a toll-free number (1800 233 8760) that is manned by a qualified healthcare professional offers free consultation to the Vitiligo patients PAN-INDIA providing the latest scientific remedial updates and responding all the queries from patients and individuals.

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To support Vitiligo patients emotionally, Brinton supported 'RUN FOR VITILIGO' marathon on 2nd Feb 2020 with participation from 1700 people.

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With an aim to ensure that the patients are cured completely, we not just provide potent and quality medicines; but go a step further by developing innovative solutions like the Patient compliance pack which has been created to ensure 100% compliance to the therapy, especially in the anti-fungal segment.

Every pack of our product has a QR code which dessimates all the necessary information about the product upon scanning.

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